Thursday, March 17, 2016

Touched by Him, Book Three of The Untouched Series by Lilly Wilde

How do you protect the one you love from the one who loves you? Touched By Him adds yet another gripping chapter to Aria and Aiden’s tumultuous love story.

Aria Cason’s new life in Belize comes to an abrupt halt when a betrayal forces her to abandon her carefully laid plans. To protect a love she thought she’d never have, Aria makes an impossible decision that places her at the mercy of the man she loves, but desperately wants to hate.

Aiden Raine is determined to bury his love for Aria, but when an unexpected truth is revealed, his world once again collides with hers. As a means to an end, Aiden reluctantly enters a tenuous relationship with the one woman whose betrayal he may never forgive.
Bound by a love they never predicted - Aria and Aiden struggle to coexist in a world that seems too small. They are pulled apart by their need for control yet tormented by a passion they cannot escape.

Betrayal, animosity, love, lust and lies all collide in the third book of The Untouched Series.

★★★★★’s  by A Book Lover's Emporium [Book Blog]  “You know you’re reading a fabulous book when you stay up way too late to finish just because you HAVE to finish. You HAVE to have closure. You HAVE to know that these two imperfect souls can find a way to heal. That was me at 1:30 am disturbing my husband because the light on my Kindle was just too bright for him. And then after I finished, I could not stop thinking about these characters. Aiden and Aria are one of my favorite book couples.

Book 3 picks up directly from where book 2 ends. Aiden has found her and he is beyond angry. I felt for him. I wanted to scream at Aria. I wanted Aria to see the pain she caused him and see his heartbreak but at the same time, I wanted to slap Aiden! He was so mean to her, so cold and just a major douche! But like I said, I get it. I get both sides. I wanted them to talk to each other, to open up and explain why they each did what they did but both were stubborn asses that just didn’t want to lose control (the one thing they both wanted and needed from the start) but they didn’t realize they when it came to love and to them, neither of them would ever be in control. And I’m so glad it wasn’t an instant “I forgive you”. They had to fight for each other, they had to fight to release control and they had to fight to be whole again.

I think this is my favorite book of the series. I loved seeing how the characters grew over the course of the series. I was surprised with some of the character developments but overall pleased with the outcome of this book. And the writing, the writing was spot on. Great job, Lilly! And I’m hoping that ending means there will be another book soon….fingers crossed.”

★★★★★’s  -A Goodreads Review  “Lilly Wilde, there aren't enough words to describe how I felt while reading Touched By Him. I am completely Blown Away! The emotions that I felt are and WERE indescribable - I cried, I yelled, I laughed and almost threw my IPad a time or two. What an emotional roller coaster Touched By Him was. 5++++++ STARS!!!!

Aiden Raine is by far my ONE AND ONLY BOOK BOYFRIEND. He is domineering, arrogant, sexy and sweet all rolled into one - A TOTAL ALPHA MALE!!! Touched by Him brought me to my knees!

I read a lot of books...I love all types of genre but I don't think I have ever been as emotionally invested in characters as I am with those in The Untouched Series. Lilly Wilde has created a world I wish I lived in. Aiden Raine is one sexy Alpha Male - even with all his idiosyncrasies I have fallen in love with him. Touched by Him is a must read!!!

Lilly Wilde, you did an amazing job and I cannot wait for Aiden, Aria and Lyric's journey to continue in Only His Touch!!! “
 ★★★★★’s  -A Goodreads Review   “Touched By Him. And I was definitely touched by Aiden Raine. This book is a must read. Just full of passion, raw need and so much love. I seriously needed a moment to myself once I read Touched By Him. Just experiencing this book like no other and enjoying every moment of it. I've read a lot of books and this one just seemed to reach out to me. Making me feel every single emotion felt. If I could give more than 5 stars then I would. It deserves both the stars and the moon. That's how mind blowing this book was. Aiden and Aria, two souls who have been through hell and back. It was glorious traveling on their journey with them. Amazing job, Lilly. Truly fantastic!”  

Touched by Him (Book Three of The Untouched Series)
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