Thursday, March 17, 2016

Touched, Book Two of The Untouched Series by Lilly Wilde

Touched, the sequel to the debut novel Untouched, continues with the emotionally provocative journey of Aria Cason and Aiden Wyatt.

Aria had meticulously constructed her world - both in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Her life was exactly as she wanted it and everything made sense…before Aiden. After Aiden, was an entirely different story. Aiden’s disarming and unrelenting allure eventually stripped Aria of her protective shield allowing Aiden emotional and sexual access that she’d considered forbidden to any man.

Aiden forced emotions to the surface that Aria had rebuked since childhood, touching a part of her that she found disturbingly unfamiliar. She now finds herself in a unique position as she shuffles to regain her balance and reassemble the pieces that Aiden left in his wake. But how will she suppress what Aiden somehow managed to awaken?

Led by career aspirations, Aria reluctantly maneuvers within Aiden's orbit and their forced pairing eventually hits several hurdles.
Is Aria strong enough to fight her instincts and remain in Aiden's world? Will her initial reservations resurface, confirming her convictions that love can only result in tragedy? Or will Aiden ultimately convince Aria that love isn't the disaster she always thought? Regardless of the option Aria chooses, Aiden’s past and other secrets will unfold, forcing Aria down a path she never saw coming.

5 ★★★★★’s   –Amazon Review   “When you stay up to read the first book and you buy the next immediately just to get one chapter in before you close your eyes. I engulfed myself in this book as Aria. I wanted to feel what she felt and experience the anger she did. I don't want to spoil anything but you will experience every emotion in this book. Good glass of wine and popcorn with tissues!”

5 ★★★★★’s   –Amazon Review   “This book was amazing...very well written. Loved the story so much I read the first and second book in less than 24 hours...cannot wait to read the next one…”

5 ★★★★★’s   –Amazon Review   “Really!?!?! A good story that keeps me tied in knots, mentally for hours!?!?!!? Hell yes, this one did!!!! Through tragedy, bitchy exes, and all the family B.S., this story gets better and better. I must say Aiden and Aria have heated up my days (and a few nights lol). Lilly Wilde, you have again touched my mind and my heart with their story and I for one cannot wait to read the next in this series. THANK YOU LILLY!!!!!! The ride has been amazing from here......looking forward to more....”

Touched (Book Two in The Untouched Series)
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