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No one delivers quite like Aiden ...

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(¸.•´ (¸.•` ¤ Forever Touched, Book Six of The Untouched Series 
by Lilly Wilde

Aiden Wyatt Raine. 
Giving in to him. Loving him. Marrying him.

Aria’s reality bears no resemblance to her lifelong plan of remaining single and detached. As a matter of fact, her world is a direct contrast to what she thought she wanted—she’s the mother of an adorable baby boy and the wife of billionaire business mogul, Aiden Raine. Having buried scars of her past, Aria’s living the happily ever after she once believed to only exist within the pages of a fairy tale. Aria’s life appears to be perfect, yet a part of her feels it’s all a dream and fears what’s waiting for her when she awakens.

Aria Cason Raine.
Finding her. Rescuing her. Marrying her.

Aiden’s privileged life is not without challenges, most of which he faces and overcomes without batting an eye, but his greatest challenge to date, is Aria Cason. From the initial glance, he knew she was the one he’d claim as his own. He’s captivated by a wife he can’t get enough of and a son who centers his universe. He finally has it all—a family he holds closer to his heart than anything else. And as Aiden prepares to reveal the details of an unsettled vendetta, he holds on even tighter.

Aria and Aiden were starting a story that would lead them to forever, but their world starts to unravel when Aiden pulls the trigger on a plot that’s been brewing for months, a blow that not only rocks his new marriage, but also rips through the entire Raine family. What happens when the family whose polished veneer finally started to ring true, spirals into even more disarray? 

Determined to keep their promises, Aiden and Aria fight to recover from Aiden’s bout with revenge, but their resilience is short-lived when the past and present collide, resulting in a tragedy that threatens to permanently alter the dynamic of their relationship. 

Aria and Aiden knew they would face adversity, but neither of them expected the heartache and loss that could leave their marriage dangling in the balance. 

What started as uncontrollable lust became the story of two lives, two hearts and one soul, but can the couple who’ve so intricately entwined their hearts, uphold their vows of now until forever

Forever Touched brings a heart wrenchingly poignant conclusion 
to the passionate love story that is The Untouched Series.

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Life is Too Short For Drama ...

Hello readers and fellow bloggers,

I typically don't make public announcements about the drama I see unfold in the Indie Author World, but I was moved to make this blog post after listening to a Mary J. Blige song, so here it goes.

My time in the indie author world has been met with a lot of fun, new experiences, unforgettable connections and unfortunately, a little bit of drama. But luckily my touch with drama hasn't been on the large scale that I’ve seen countless others go through. I hate to see it and I never engage with it.

As with everything in life, we can’t expect all unicorn and rainbows, so there is always some good with the bad, but I've learned that 99% of the bad I've encountered has stemmed from those who were in my inner circle, those I trusted and who ultimately showed me that I need to keep my circle even smaller.

I'm not the most easy to read person and I'm very direct in my communication - always have been, always will be - and that sometimes ruffles feathers, but it’s never meant to be rude, mean or insensitive. My personality is just not one that is all sugar and ice cream, but I can promise you this, if you have my back, I will always have yours. On the flip side, if I come to realize that you are one that I need to get away from, I do just that. I don't comment on your page/wall, I don't follow you, I don't plot against you. I have ZERO interest or time in that! I don’t place that much energy in my family, so I sure as hell won’t place it in someone I’ve "met" on a social media outlet who proved to be untrustworthy, power-hungry, or vindictive! My solution is and will always be this > -- > -- > I cut you out of my life and I move on. And I do it with ease. Why? Because ain’t nobody got time for that!

That said, I want to express a thousand THANK YOU's to those who have stuck with me, even when you didn't know where I was coming from, those who have fallen in love with Aria and Aiden, and those who continue to support my journey! My motto is and will always be...if you don't add value to my life, then there is no place for you in my life. So for those who are riding the Lilly Wilde Train, I hope you never jump off and I hope I’ve added some value to your life!

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If you were to have asked Aria, she would have told you that falling in love was the most dangerous thing you could do…
Yes, you’ll find the rich, hot alpha male…the one you won’t be able to get enough of, but he’s NOT bound by dark issues. And you get a heroine who’s strong and independent. A woman who’s successful, educated and career driven. A woman who’s just as much an alpha as her male counterpart!

Interested yet? If you're still unsure, check out some of the reviews:

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"I really don't know what to say except Oh my God! I loved it and I'm still processing, but Jesus what a book! The romance, the characters, the secondary characters, the plot...this book was extraordinary! I can't say enough except I'm looking forward to the next book in this series!
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"If you love books with instant attraction, a dominant alpha male and watching his pursuit of his woman, then this book is for you!"
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"Lilly Wilde has written an absolutely breathtaking novel that makes your heart beat faster with every word.If you are a fan of FSoG or the Crossfire series, you will absolutely love this book! It is definitely going at the top of my list!!"
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Untouched (Book One in The Untouched Series)
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