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Enter for a chance to win one of two copies of Forever Touched
the final book of The Untouched Series by Lilly Wilde!

You made promises of now until forever, but what happens when everything you were hoping for vanishes right before your eyes? When the life you thought you were destined, becomes the
reality of which nightmares are made? Do you clutch tighter . . . even when given every
indicator that you shouldn’t?

Do you stand firm and hold on to the promises? Do you press forward and see if the man who
holds your heart is truly the destiny you thought him to be?

Find out in the passionate conclusion of The Untouched Series if the couple who’ve so intricately entwined their hearts can uphold their vows of now until forever?

Forever Touched, Book Six of The Untouched Series 

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Five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews!!

This deserves 10 stars! 

I have to say, I love Lilly Wilde's writing! You feel everything! I have loved her since the first chapter of Book One, Untouched. Lilly has an awesome way of delivering the sex scenes. The sex is not in this book as a “filler”. It’s intrinsic to the story line and it's hot as hell! 

This final book had me in tears, had me laughing and had me angry, but the journey with Aiden and Aria is one every reader should enjoy! It feels like they're part of my family. Forever Touched delivered on every level: joy, sorrow, fear, anger, and so much more. The obstacles Aria and Aiden have to endure are heartbreaking and I can so see everyday people enduring them too. You might find something you have in common. 

Lilly Wilde has outdone herself! This series has been and will continue to be my all-time favorite! The emotions Lilly gets you to feel are heart pounding, breathless and will leave you craving more.

This love story is EPIC! Aria and Aiden were meant for each other.

~Amazon Reviewer, Carolyn Muller


This book is more amazing than I had even hoped for. It takes "page turner" to a whole new level. I've never been so emotionally captivated by a series. This will make you get all up in your emotions - sad, happy, excited. You will not want to put it down! You will not know what's next, you think you will and BAM! You are wrong! If I could give this more than five stars I would.
The story feels like a reality to me and I love that!! If you are looking for a connection that you've never felt this is it! But please buckle your seat belt, here comes the ride of your life. 

Lilly Wilde sure knows how to make your world disappear! 

~Goodreads Reviewer, Julie Scheidt

Tears + Laughter = Epic Conclusion and 10 Stars for Lilly Wilde!

We begin back in Boston with Aria, Aiden and Lyric settling in as a normal, happy family… well as normal as can be expected in the busy life of a Raine. Aria and Aiden are learning to lean on each other, and have let down their walls and found strength in each other. But as we have learned throughout this series, there are events that threaten to rebuild those walls.
With such descriptive writings, a skill that Lilly excels at, I could literally see the scenes being played out as if it were a movie. I found myself laughing out loud at the playful banter between this dynamic couple. Lilly came out swinging with those steamy scenes that had my heart racing. (Consider yourself warned) But when tragedy struck, the sadness, anger and despair was just as vivid… leaving me a sleepless, sobbing mess.
I honestly became more in love with this series as I watched it come full circle. This was the perfect conclusion to a beautiful heart wrenching series that will leave me Forever Touched.

Thank you, Lilly for sharing Aria and Aiden with me.

~Amazon Reviewer, Beth King

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