Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lilly Wilde's "Brief" Take On Super Bowl 2016

The Denver Broncos have defeated the Carolina Panthers 24 to 10 to win Super Bowl 50! I will preface this by saying I'm not a sports fan, but somehow I was still pulled into the hype...for the commercials if nothing else. So by waiting on the commercials, you get pulled into the game, right? All the hype surrounding Cam Newton and Peyton Manning. Yeah, I was sucked into it. And I found myself rooting for the Panthers! I was terribly saddened by the forlorn expressions of the losing team. Yes,I saw a few tears.
I blame Cam's team for their loss. They were not there for Cam. It seems, they placed the responsibility of the whole fucking game on Cam! He was Denver's target for damn near every play and Cam couldn't defeat a whole team by himself! Well, enough of that.

I'm watching now as the trophy is walked through the crowd of winning team members. Some place their hands on it... just to get a touch and make it all seem more real. Then there are those who go a step further and kiss it. When I see that, all I can think is "Yuck, so many germs". lol.

The commercials were marginally better this year, at least I think so.

Let me hear from you. Who were you cheering for? What commercials did you like the most?

Well, until next year.

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